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Raton, New Mexico – Sunrise over Johnson Mesa

I stepped outside for a moment and thoughts filled my heart and mind:

If I stand in the west facing the eastern sky I will see a brilliant sunrise with bold colors and the beckoning of the coming day. If you stand in the east facing the western sky you will see a world still partially draped in darkness, the still twinkling of a star or two, and the soft colors whispering of the night’s good-bye.

We are both looking at the same sky and yet where we stand and the trees and buildings that frame our immediate landscape all affect our view of the world.

However … if we meet in the middle and share, we are given the gift of greater sight and the ability to see the sunrise in its entirety.

So it is with many situations in our lives. Perception and where we stand colors our ability to truly see.

I hope today that we can all be open to shared vision with an open heart and the wonderful gifts of understanding and acceptance that come with it.

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