Dear Night

Sunset, Taos, New Mexico

Dear Night,

You are filled with magic and gifts that no other can bring.

Too often I focus on the day and the life that it brings – the sound of the birds singing and the feeling of the warmth of sunshine on my skin.

But the daytime is much too ambitious. It is filled with to do’s, responsibilities and endless goals and directions.

What need have we of these sensible things?

It is you, dear night, who can so easily disrobe us of the sensibilities of the day, when the to do’s have been done (or not done) and the world quiets.

I have lost your magic, oh dear night and long to find it once again.

I long to take off the masks of all of the roles that I must play and slip back in to my own comfortable skin.

I can remove the armor that protects my heart and let the beauty and calmness of the night wrap its star lit arms around me. I can be free of the weights of the day and allow the wings of my spirit to fly free.

I can turn off the endless buzzing of the ever constant mind and open my heart to the magic of the night.

With the moon and stars to light my way I can find my way back to the true path that I must take.

The path that both begins and ends with the truth of my open heart, that love, only love will matter in the end.

Dear Night, only you can set my heart free to be open to the truth of who I really am within.

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