Season’s Change

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Today the birds are a little quieter
I hear only one lonely quiet chirp
Where just a few short weeks ago there
was a loud chorus. Gone now are the
speedways between our hummingbird feeder
and our neighbors. The breeze is much too cool
to sit for long without a sweater and the leaves now
dance and frolic there way to their
Autumn resting place

But I have made it to another Season’s Change and
in these days and times that is certainly something to be
thankful for. The grass is hanging on in differing
shades of green with autumn’s fallen flowers littering
all the spaces in between, such as my thoughts seem to
do in this quiet moment.

I sit here and wonder, basking in the Season’s Change,
what life and the world might have in store for me.
It will not be long now, only a few breaths away, and it
will be much too cold to come out here at all. The trees
will find their slumber and a blanket of quiet will cover
the once vibrant green.

I wonder, in this ever changing world, who will I be when
the Earth awakens once again. Will I be the same me who sits
now pondering the Seasons’ Change?
As the chill races through me I put my sweater back on
both to protect me from the cool breeze and in my heart
I think, as a way to hold close to me all that I hold dear.

I wrap the warmth around me and think of all that
I cannot bear to lose. But there is no way to stop the
Season’s Change or the reality of the impermanence of Life.
And thus, I bow my head in gratitude – for this moment, for the
solitary distant chirp of a single bird, for the cool breeze and the
dancing leaves, and for all that I cannot bear to lose.

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