Photography Journey

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I remember the day when I got my first DSLR camera. It was something that I had always dreamed of having but never really thought would happen. That was surely a day that both changed and enriched my life for the better. Today I absolutely could not imagine who I would be without my camera. It has become an extension of me and a different way to see the world around me.

               I began with a basic lens taking basic photographs of the landscapes around me. Not knowing yet how to properly use the settings, those first days of learning were bitter sweet.

               I felt the joy of taking the photographs, of catching moments in time. But upon arriving home and looking at the photos on the computer I couldn’t help but be disappointed that the photos were nowhere near the images that my heart saw and remembered.

               However, because I found so much joy in the process I continued on and over time I began to learn both the settings and techniques that would allow me to capture the images in my heart.

               Then as my technique began to evolve so did my heart in its quest to seek beauty. You can’t help but to begin to see the world differently. You can’t help but see through the lens of your heart even when the camera is out of your hands.

               Along with landscapes I also came to love photographing wildlife as well. There’s a certain magic in capturing moments with creatures that you usually only see from afar. This led to many hunting adventures where the camera lens led the way.

               I have since now also discovered macro photography which has become yet another great love of mine. I can spend hours upon hours in a single spot exploring the vast worlds hidden right in front of our eyes. I can explore my back yard with just as much of a sense of adventure and excitement for discovery as I can in a vast forest.

               Photography is also a gift that continues to give. When I look back upon old photos, I am transformed and transported back to that single moment in time. I can once again feel the joy, the excitement, the peace and tranquility of the moment.

               Then, once again, I am inspired to take my heart and lens out for more.

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