Slow Dance

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Slow Dance

There are moments in the dance of our life when the tune is lively and the tempo is fast. Those are the moments when you want to swing from cloud to cloud and bask in the light of the sun. Yes, the times when the dance floor is full, and the energy from the crowd is contagious.

Then at other times, you find when the tempo slows and the crowd begins to thin, and you can waltz underneath the light of the moon. A beautiful minuet, the rays of the moon carrying you from star to star in a dance through the wonder of infinity.

Still, there are those moments, when you find yourself performing a solitary pirouette within the quiet of your own heart. The only music that remains is the music created by your own spirit – a slow dance from within. Here within your intimate solo, you can immerse yourself in the all encompassing melody of you. Here – it matters not the tempo or tune, the sunshine or moon, but only the melody of the slow dance within.

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