Nature Ponderings

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I can’t help but wonder, does Nature mourn the changing of Seasons?

Is it difficult to go from the vibrancy and vitality of Summer to the colorful garden of Fall and then to the slumber of Winter?

Do the leaves compare themselves to others with all of the differing colors and shades of Fall? Are the ones who turn early the winners for having been the first? or is the ones who change last who win, for being able to experience the dance of fall even longer?

Are the flowers who managed to keep all of their petals the best and most beautiful? Or is it simply a sign that they didn’t dance wildly enough?

Is it better to hold on as long as possible by any means? Or is it better to join the dervish and dance until you fly with the wind?

Do the trees question the meaning of their existence, wonder the purpose of Life? Do they know that there is Life and renewal after the cold lonely winter? Or do they relish the quiet and rest?

And for all the intelligence that we humans possess, the Wisdom of Nature is by far the best.

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