Life’s Journey

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We begin our journey 

with no compass to guide 

following our sun and moon 

hoping their direction is right 

from our first tentative steps 

taken as we were shown 

to our first leap out into 

the wide world alone 

our journey influenced by 

others we meet along the way 

whether it be years, months, 

or a single momentous day. 

Over hills and mountains, we 

must navigate and climb 

being molded by the 

ever present rivers of time 

at times we journey with 

a set destination in mind 

and others, life’s troubles 

leave us blind. 

Sometimes backtracking to 

choose a different path 

or losing our way, taking 

extra steps to find our way back 

Each person’s journey 

can only be their own 

moments we share together

knowing our hearts aren’t alone 

priceless treasures we gather 

in the memories we make 

Keepsakes of love 

as we travel on our way 

The day comes, we finally realize 

nobody else can know the way 

The only road we can take 

is the one we ourselves make. 


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