Category: Life

Soft Bed of Earth

Lay my weary headupon a soft bed of earthwhere I can feelthe heartbeat of life against mineto breathe the melodycarried upon the lips of the windand immerse myselfin the harmonious placewhere we become one Let me go hometo where the pristine waters flowproviding strength and sustenancefor my weakened soulwhere I can close my eyes,embraced by

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Watching the Leaves

Watching the leavesDance upon the treesI feel my heartReturn to meFluttering softlyUpon the breezeMy heart sings a songOf joy and peaceA love of lifeFilled with grace and beautyToo long buried and hiddenBy the noise of societyAll the fear and pain,They weigh so heavilyIn this broken worldWhere none can agreeOnce again I sit andWatch the leavesAs

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